I have often mentioned in my book that my main reason for writing it was……..

  • I was so impressed when I received the knowledge of how the Law of Attraction works that I wanted to shout it out loud to all of mankind…….. for basically I have always believed in giving and sharing. Giving and sharing does not take away from what you have. On many an occasion when I have found my purse empty miraculously something came along to fill it up and I have often mentioned this to my family and friends and been amazed by it myself.
  • I wish to share…. THIS AMAZING GIFT OF KNOWLEDGE through my book MASTERMIND …..
  • with whosoever has an open mind,
  • whosoever will trust that they will receive immense benefits,
  • whosoever has faith in the Almighty
  • that they are deserving of great wealth,
  • great health….. and
  • great happiness too.
  • And you will have to part with 99 dollars to get it. There is no free lunch and we seldom value the things that are either given free or don’t come with the right price tag.
  • One of the benefits of owning my book and learning from it ……the definition of learning is that you will need to read it again and again and possibly again to fully comprehend all the hidden nuances that you may not fully grasp in a couple of readings……IS THAT IT WILL GIVE YOU FREEDOM. Freedom from what ? Freedom from any kind of dependencies….you will be your very own person.
  • It begins with financial freedom. Only money can get you all you desire….whether it be a house, travelling all over the world, expensive jewellery. It can all be yours whether you believe it right away or not. After all everything that is ever created in this world is for use by mankind. No other living thing has need of it. And money – pardon the expression – are really bits of paper that allow you to do all you desire….but you do need it first to begin your journey into prosperity and a life of your dreams !
  • And I must mention it here and now that I always considered myself to be such a person before I wrote my book….but I was wrong and I too have learnt so many things from my own book. It has that effect.
  • The icing on the cake ….though the subject may of necessity be difficult….I have managed to make it amazingly readable… could well be read by kids in their late teens too. In fact I do believe that they too should be exposed to such knowledge early in their lives to eliminate any strife that they may be exposed to. Why does a person need to suffer before they gain?
  • Why not be in control of your destiny by being given the knowledge in advance ?
  • There is enough and more knowledge on the web for free so what need to buy your book. Now this is a question I wish to discuss ……yes there is a lot of knowledge on the net but I can confidently tell you that what you need is to be able  read facts in a structured format for them to bring you the results you want. If you read a bit here and a bit there …and though all of it will be factual ….it will not translate into positive results for you. And what we would like to see are positive results for ourselves. So do yourself a favour and cut your learning curve. Eventually you will realise that….but a couple of years may go by before you do and you would have lost that precious time. Given a choice nobody would like that to happen to them. Don’t you agree with me ??
  • I leave you to choose what is best for you !! If you are aware of your own self worth then gift yourself MasterMind
  • if you have friends and family you wish to bless in the new year then gift them MasterMind. Some gifts you never can place a monetary value to.
  • ….for you and yours. God Bless.