THEORY : coming from abundance
DOES IT WORK : not in every experience
WHY :  Try explaining this abundance theory to a man who has say $5000/- to begin with. Having read about this theory of abundance all good faith he continues spending from this amount. He does everything expected of him, he even helps a relative who seeks his help for a medical treatment...all the time sanguine in the belief that the Universe will give him all that he has asked for very soon. Slowly as time goes by the amount whittles down to just a $.100/- and he has yet to receive any money... even though he has put in place several schemes for earning money and he works very hard at them.
His earlier feelings of abundance have now taken a backseat and he is mostly anxious....much against his he wishes to continue feeling abundant. What should he do now ??
His anxieties increase with the passage of time and no matter how much he tries...he cannot feel can he, his financial situation is in dire straits.
He tries approaching his relatives for some money, even those whom he had helped in the past...but nobody is willing to help. CAN THIS MAN FEEL ABUNDANT ...I ASK
YOU ??
SAME THEORY : Now lets take a man in the exact same circumstances but having a capital of say 1 million to begin with. He too goes through the exact same circumstances .......BUT HE IS MENTALLY NOT THAT PERTURBED.
WHY :  He continues to feel abundant as he has so much more to fall back on. So he continues doing what is expected of him.
Man with the 5000 bucks is desperate. He desperately pleads and begs God with daily prayers....and finally he is rewarded. But he went through hell first and hit rock bottom before he got what he wanted. He definitely did not manifest what eventually was given to him out of a feeling of abundance .........but he got it all the same !!!!
The man with the 1 million also got what he wanted but without any feelings of anxiety or worry.
And everybody reading this should pay great attention to what I am saying here.I wish to give you the complete truth. It is not important what your personal circumstances are......God interacts with each and every individual according to his particular need and want. You need not study the subject in great detail to be able to practice the Law of Attraction.
My book MasterMind gives you just enough information to set you going in the right direction. And I will expand on it and tell you why. Read MasterMind and connect to yourself and ask yourself the questions to which you most urgently need answers. Then shut your eyes and say a small prayer - all the while holding the copy of MasterMind in your hand. Open the book to any page and you will find your answer on it.  Just go with  - MasterMind..... and you will do just fine.

MasterMind was shared with me through "mind transfer" as God who is always benevolent .... wishes to help everybody who will reach out to him through MasterMind. I make this bold claim for I have proved this to myself over and over and over again. I did God's bidding by writing this book and it was my hand that laboured on but I could not have pulled it off on my own. I needed God to complete the equation.  

Many theories and many books are only for the few who wish to study the subject in order to mentor others.

I have given free content...enough to write a full book across my 5 blogs on the subject of LOA......but I had a purpose....a mission.... to help everybody who needs and desires knowledge  to begin their own journey. God Bless you and yours.