Hi, This is absolutely the first time I am blogging. Have heard so much about it ......but at the same time don't know much about it. I am a lady in my early fifties, a housewife with a fantastic husband and two lovely kids.

I am keenly interested in cooking.....and everything connected to it namely as to what foods are good for you, what kind of foods must be eaten, different reactions of different foods but not in a scholarly way. My knowledge is simply to help my family lead a healthy normal life and maybe to share with a few other ladies some of the things that I have discovered. I have started compiling a recipe book with recipes which I use in my kitchen daily.......some of them being regular recipes from books..... but which I have altered ....... to make them more healthy .

Most recipe books quote high quantities of fats and sugars which if used regularly can lead to lifestyle diseases like cholestrol and diabetes owing to the fact that we lead very sedentary lives. It is mandatory for all housewives involved in cooking utter you will still get a reasonably good shortcrust pastry, especially if you keep it very thin. Its so amazing that sometimes by drastically halving quantities of high calorie ingredients makes the item that much more tastier and healthier. Therefore you needn't simply knock it out of your list of choices.for their families to question and modify quantities of ingredients so as to make it more healthy. I give you an easy example.....say you are making some shortcrust pastry for a quiche or a bake....the basic ingredients will be all purpose flour and butter of equal quantities. AND YET the recipe will omit to tell you that all purpose flour is just empty calories and maybe, just maybe you might be better off using half whole wheat flour and half quantity all purpose flour. It will also omit to tell you that if you use half the quantity of b

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