(look out for the fine long strand pre-browned variety - brand name azad found in nilgiris and food world outlets - they make your job seem like a piece of cake).

1/2 a packet of sev broken down
2 glasses of water
a handful of almonds and raisins prepared as in the recipe for ravo.
2 tablespoons of clarified butter
1 teaspoon cardamom/nutmeg powder,
sugar to taste.

warm the water, sugar and fat together. on a low flame dry roast the sev till it is a nice golden brown. add the water mixture and cover and cook stirring occasionally till done. sprinkle the nutmeg cardamom powder and mix. serve out in a glass dish and garnish with the almonds and raisins.

this will easily keep for a few days and can be warmed in small portions in a glass dish in the microwave.

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