This dish being a pungent one lends itself better to fatty meats for example mutton or pork. You may also make it with chicken but a little
more fat while cooking is necessary. Mutton and pork release their own
fat during cooking , so less is more.

1 kg mutton, washed and cubed
4 big onions chopped fine
1 small cup malt vinegar
6 red goa chillies/6 red ordinary chillies/2 inch pc ginger/ 2 pods garlic
1 heaped tablespoon cumin seeds/ 1 heaped tablespoon mustard seeds/
2 teaspoon coriander seeds/ 2 pcs cinnamon /10 cloves / 2 teaspoons pepper.
1 tablespoon clarified butter
1 tablespoon oil

Soak the chillies and mustard seeds in the vinegar. Dry roast the cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and pepper for 2 seconds in a microwave.
Grind together along with the ginger and garlic. Apply this marination to the meat along with the salt and keep for a couple of hours.
In a pressure pan fry the onions till brown add the meat and fry for a long time on a low flame till the oil begins to separate. Add half a glass
of water and close the cooker. Cook for 15 minutes after the whistle. Do
not open the cooker immediately....keep standing for 1/2 an hour and
then serve with either Cumin Rice, Plain boiled rice, chappatis or
parathas if so desired.

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