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This is one of the easiest things to make at delicious and utterly healthy .....not to speak of the fact that it enhances the taste of any sandwich you make.... anything you put between 2 slices of bread ...into ambrosia. While most folks dunk their KFC or pizza or even their tuna sub in (yuck) tomato hubby and me prefer the more refined taste that comes with homemade mustard sauce. To tell you the truth I just make a huge batch and pop it in a tupperware container in the fridge where it it will be as as good as the first day I made least 3/6 months later. To come to the sauce. Use big grain mustard seeds.(about 250 to 300 gms) India they are so cheap. Wash them in a sieve with some cheap white vinegar(synthetic vinegar).
Then soak the seeds in apple cider vinegar or any red wine vinegar or white wine vinegar........using the same container which you will be storing the mustard in. This serves the purpose of sterlising the container as vinegars are acidic by nature. After an hour or so the seeds will have soaked up the vinegar. Use the grinder jar of your mixie (I use Panasonic as the jars are quite largish). Rinse out the jar with a little vinegar and put the seeds in the jar. Now add some salt, pepper, 1 teaspoon sugar and some extra virgin olive oil. Grind together adding some vinegar as required. The seeds will soon pulverize and you will have a homogenous mixture. The end result should never be runny nor absolutely dry. Empty into the container cleanly, level and store.

By the way I learnt to make mustard this way by simply reading the list of ingredients on gourmet mustard bottles..........and minusing the stabilisers and what have yous.........that can only do more harm than good.

Mustard being a seed and a bitter one at that is really really good for you.Having it adds to your overall health.

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