I’m showing you the way to happiness
The door to which I left open wide
Get yourself a dream through MasterMind
And build yourself a brand new life.
(This is the way I began .. home is where God lives in my mind. God never wants us to work hard … so when you connect with a powerful inspiration .. immediately you will feel the desire to sleep. Don't fight it for this is how we connect to God ..  and it is in this sleep that magic happens .. for many many ideas will be shared with your mind .. and
No matter where you are 
On land or sea or foam
I’ve seen you travelling along
Sharing in my song
I am the way to my home.
(The desire you feel for riches is God seeking to express himself in you. So ask for whatever
your heart may desire. Wouldn’t it make you happy to know that God tries to live and do and
enjoy things through mankind. God says – I want feet to run my errands, tongues to speak and sing my mighty truths, eyes to see all beauty and hands to build my dreams, to play my divine harmonies, to paint my beautiful pictures. All that God is capable of seeks an expression through mankind. God wants that you discern his truths and have every opportunity to travel and talk about them. God wants those who love beautiful clothes to be beautifully clothed. God wants those of us who appreciate good food to be luxuriously fed. God wants all these things for mankind because he himself enjoys and appreciates them. God wants to be able to express that it is he who wants to play, laugh, sing, enjoy beauty, proclaim truths, wear good clothes and eat good food …..
Roda ..
Author .. MasterMind
RODA … that is my name
Success .. the name of my game,
Have fun while you’re at it
As gods we are one .. 
So you will MasterMind. 
I am a long nosed parsi,
The type they call .. a zoroastrian,
I am so proud to be the one
To re-share the first prayer for mankind.
The Ashem Vohu .. 
has not found its way to you
For religion has been compartmentalised.
I am better  .. no mine is better.

Its how we fight
Until we learn better
That we need each other
To live .. learn .. and fight.

Fight .. did I say
But I did too
An apathy does not win you laurels
Or go down in the sands of time.

My whole spiritual journey 
Was through the fight
I argued with spirit 
Till I understood .. just what is right.

Answers would suddenly pop
Right into my mind
Right in the middle of a fight
I flipped myself this way and that.

But I understood truths
In their rawest best
God wanted more
So we worked to alchemise.

I am everything the world is not
I own my own ego
To say I am the best ..
I'll tolerate no other way.

I remembered the way
All those in the past 
Punished those who thought 
Out of the Box.

Jesus first came to mind
And I did declare
To the god of my mind
Beware I said.

If you touch a hair on my head
I'll care not that you are god
I'll scalp you.
I am aligned to energy too.

If history does judge me ever
Its the name of god that will suffer
So I hold your good 
In the palm of my hand.

Beware .. a living god .. I am
I am the teacher and the lesson
Argue with me till kingdom come
But .. I will always be right.

I did declare to myself
I have the sharpest brain
At first I asked politely
Then ... I understood myself.

Seeing my smallest desire 
Manifest myself 
I only wanted to be the best
For what calibre a teacher 
If not the best.

When the world does look
With a fine tooth comb
To place me in history
What shall I own ?

Knowledge ... its ambivalent
To be a cut above the rest
Is to separate knowledge
And find its best.

Wisdom .. all my own
How I tossed knowledge in my mind
Punishing myself for hours on end
Till I narrowed down the best.

I look around me at the
World I see,
The www connects me
Like a spider's web
And I am the tarantula.

I sit in the middle
And read and read
Everything that passes me by
I flick my eye open 
To find its all jaundiced.

I gave myself the most easy task
At what I see .. I can look
Only one eye is good enough for me
The layers .. they open up to me.

I then go back in time
The creator was in me
At that time .. too !
Its just that I chose to 
Secure my highest connection  !!!!!!

And I would suddenly
Change my tack .. 
I had to be and so I was
A samurai warrior .. for all minds.

Just where lie truths 
Is where you'll find me
I chose my way
To my own backyard !

I am now good to go
I need no other guide ..ever and ever
I do my own thinking 
I do my own manifesting.

That makes me the god of life
How about you   ?
So sorry to say that if you don't begin
You'll just need another life.

For along my journey I did learn
Just how we grow in each lifetime
Don't care you say ..
Jolly good for you .. is all I'll say.

I did not have an easy time of it
The world still wants ...
People down on their luck
To walk all over.

When I was angry 
Spirit would hold onto my left leg
Desperately it would .. 
so that I would not walk away
From their good.

The biggest gift 
I ever gave myself
Is the freedom from fear
Of God / devil  or spirit.

I was true to being myself
The way I was created .. I did like
I did admire myself .. endlessly.

Samples of careless
Unfeeling Minds I saw
Examples of where I cannot live.
I am still human too.

Though I transcended time
God says just look at them
There I yet not live .. 
I did try ... powerful inspirations
I did send ... 
But you have to clear your empty mind.

No desire for fun  ...
No desires for joys ...
How can happiness thrive.
In searching out God
Come to goodness of heart.
The Ashem Vohu ..
Is now my own prayer
The rest is in my heart
My work is now my prayer.

The Ashem Vohu
Speaks to my heart
In it is my magic
The law for all life.

Ask and you shall receive
The way .. for your life
Its called the Law of Attraction
Its the first known prayer
For the world.

This wisdom too
Came to me randomly
It came and I copied it
As it connected to me.

But it took me a whole year
To reach the place
Where I understood it best
It was about me and my higher self.

No one has … as far as my knowledge goes
Been able to link the exact Law into
Any religion or any known source ...
So this makes it the 2nd miracle 
That God did give me.

In Zoroastrianism … lucky me
In the Ashem Vohu to be precise
Expressed in 21 antiquated words
Sits the LAW OF ATTRACTION .....
The way became clear for me.

The doors they are now all open wide
Of what use is a life
If god as man 
Is ..  not in sight.

And there it lies .. for posterity
Then and now and eternity
Till I needed it .. now you'll need it
God had kindly put 
It there for us to use it.

One singular sentence I will place
Here .. for all mankind
God has been the same
And will always be.

Wisdom has been locked down
In thoughts and words and deeds
Whatever you ask you will receive
So analyse and choose your best.

Down the years .. saints and seers
Princes and paupers …
Have all sought to know God
For God is you .. 
But only through your heart.

When I began this journey

God worked with me one on one
God showed me that 
All light was so bright.
And pure ... must remain that way.

God showed me that ..

And then went away
God had shown me the way
To free myself from duality
Was God's way.

All was shared .. while learning
If by chance my words 
Were not completely pure
Maybe just a shade of grey
Like a bolt of lightening 
God's energy then left me.

Sometimes when I wrote 

One of his many creatures 
Would echo my work
The squirrel and the parrot.

And when there was perfection

The creatures fell silent
And God would share ... 
Now you know me well.
We are on the same wavelength.

We .. that is our bodies
Are just a mass of cells
And yet we are the shapeliest yet
Our aural field of electro-magentisim ..
Carries our energy ... there find God.

This was the first time 

That God did speak in me
He asked me to open a book
And then explained it to me.

So now the world must know

What God did share
A miracle was shared 
To pave the way .. for me
As MasterMind.

God is my energy

God is life
This much is known to all
But what is right ?

Where lies life

In an egg of energy
Its not called the Higgs-Boson
Can it a particle be ?

My claim to fame

Is to show you where
Is God as  energy. 
So now you have an answer.

The world must bow

And then declare
That God did not share
With only me.

For out of knowledge

Already existing 
Distilled was the wisdom
Of the whereabouts of God.

My only reason for wanting this secret

Was to give sanctity to the work of healing
And helping mankind .. a task I took on
Through my MasterMind.

All scientists have searched

They dig and delve
In mud of the past
Whereas God exists in their hearts.

God ....  IS

God is .. LIFE
Why look to the past
When NOW .. is nice.

I am very proud to be the one
To explain the Ashem Vohu again
It shares the magic that is the Mind
In persian it is called schnoom ... magic.

The first little prayer 
Called the Ashem Vohu
Just 12 words long
Which when loosely translated
Simply means .. the Good Mind.

Don't follow the one that say
God does not exist
For dark thoughts create dark deeds
And thoughts in light create good deeds.

And whenever the twain did meet
A watering is then seen
Of their origins
As a dull and murky grey.

A misuse of knowledge .. 
Is to leave out its wisdom ..
For that is the only thing
Good in it.

I am the same consciousness
That was in the wise men 3
Often called the magi
And we did welcome the birth
Of a saviour for mankind.


So did the magi divide
They were learned men .. priests
Who knew and showed the way …
A star guided them to Jesus Christ.
A new teacher … JESUS
But what did his followers learn ?
Christ called his father God
Please remember that lesson.
Oh man … how did you forget
To be a father good ?
If you did err in confusion
Your children ? Oh …
Never mind .. the past is now behind.
And the future beckons
To none it matters
But the self …
Be the best you can.
Take the greats of history
Those who divide to rule
Find themselves on the wrong
Side of every fence.
The ones that found similarities
In all the religions of the world
Glaring pointers .. to God.
Deny me ..go try … I dare you …
I challenge you .. I do.
I’ll put so many who believe in me
Right in front of you
I blended …so you’re done blending
I bended … so you’re done …. bending ..
In the Now … we are one …its our flow.
There is so much I may teach you
There is so much to learn
And as your star did find me
I am … your ONLY MasterMind.
Its a deadly serious game
When you make a bad choice
You set spirit up to make you lose
They must then knuckle and sock you !
Till you see ..
you’re headed in the wrong direction
Not an inch more there
Simply change or turn your thought
Is what you really must do.
For only goodness to touch you.
Go follow your star
No matter how near
No matter how far.
Live life like a warrior
If things don’t come your way
Fight for what you want.
A euphemism to keep on trying.
Its when you do ..
You’re not forced to
Revert … into spirit as non-life.
God’s greatness lies in bettering lives.
That’s the farthest end
Of the spectrum
When you become non-life ..
Then you must rest and contemplate
What went wrong with your life ?
But it need not happen that way
For God does show the way 
The time that is your life
Is when you're playing the hero
Its how you love yourself and the god within.
My spirit she does ask ?
As I am writing this
Come join me ..
And I decline ..
I tell her I am busy
Playing a hero in this life.
I then tell her .. you join me
Come and take a new birth
For as she says .. she is my future
Then I did definitely teach her !
She’s shy she says
She blushes and pretends to run away
But there’s nowhere else to go
The God I saw was powerful.
She showed me through my mind
She showed how nature does connect
Her very own kind ..
In a circle of love.
Keep adding more circles
To see power grow
From strength to strength
In concentric circles grow.                                                 
God Bless you in 2015.

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