1 kg green mangoes
700 gms sugar
chilli powder as hot as you want it
1/4 bottle white vinegar / malt vinegar
salt to taste

Additionally I add a little saunf / mustard seeds / onion seeds / a little cinnamon and a few cloves.

As with all bottling...........the quality of the raw ingredients always matters the most. Really good quality green mangoes just about turning a mild yellow work they are then firm but not too green and they have the heady aroma of a good quality fruit. In any thing I make and do the one thing I always focus on..... is quality .......of all ingredients used.......and by that I mean freshness.

Meanwhile in a big pan pour the vinegar and sugar and salt. Boil this till it is slightly thick. Add the grated mango.  You can add the other ingredients as per your preferences. Stir till reasonably dry. Add the chilli powder.  Cool and bottle in sterilised bottles.

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