My journey as MasterMind .. to express it correctly ... was to show you through your own mind/ your thinking patterns as an individual  ... as the self (the God within guiding you so beautifully that it took my breath away ). 

If the spirits come in mind ... THEY ARE THE BAD THOUGHTS THAT SUGGEST THE RUBBISH YOU SEE IN YOUR LIFE AND WHICH YOU NEVER WANT .. DENY THEM ..... ignore them at your earliest ... they are bad as in they steal your time ... messing with you always.. making you repeat things as if they are teaching you some great big lesson ... but no ... I outdated that formula for my life .. understanding that having god as me ... I am the complete picture and I REPEAT I DO NOT NEED ANY OTHER TO MAKE ME COMPLETE. I DO NOT WISH TO GET INTO THE NITTY GRITTIES BUT SPIRIT IS CAPABLE OF MESSING WITH YOU THROUGH YOUR FAMILY ... A SAD STORY OF THE PAST .. WHERE VICTIMS TURNED AGGRESSORS .. BUT I DID NOT LIKE THIS BLUEPRINT AND SO I CHANGED IT IN MY DNA.

Now it is understood why people take so long with the Law of Attraction ... for spirit has one agenda .. to better themselves ... and you have another .. to better the self ... and here is where the tug and pull keeps taking place. I am / was such a good person .... but now I swear ... that if ever I was able to catch that spirit ... I would kill it with my bare hands.  Now understand why all the bad happens in the world .... why people kill and murder ... but it is not to spare them in the least .. or feel sorry for anybody ... for you must buy into a story for it to enact itself in your life. I did read somewhere that this exercise is supposed to exorcise all the demons hidden in the self ... but frankly ... they are just playing with you through their own agenda ... as a being of light I saw more ... but you want to know the truth ... I hate .. the alter-ego god with a vengeance .... for it is the god whose ego has been mangled beyond recognition ... so then out of vengeance it perpetrates bad ...
for there is no one god ... that's a cock and bull story ... everyone is a god and you can add as many adjectives before each one .. for each is a different attribute of all that is in our world. If there was one god there would not be all the bad that is presently going on in our world ... mankind is full of animalistic traits ... lust ... murder .. killing ... even innocence like children ... it is then that people question the right and wrong of things.  And as there is good and bad in all .... why would you want to be a part of all the bad that is happening.  I do not even morally feel responsible for all the bad in the world for none of it ever would be my choice.  Let them hang themselves .... may that spirit be eliminated from out of mankind so that it cannot create dastardly acts from out of itself. 

I am now done with all of that ... I have put it down as a lesson for you to learn from .. for that is what I did as the self.  I am the creator of my knowledge ... as in MasterMind but I used my mind to think on the knowledge already existing and culled my book MasterMind from out of that ... for the one thing I found wrong was that knowledge as in MasterMind was hidden in several books ... no one book had it all .. and therefore results were so widely inaccurate ... a sifting and a sorting as I expressed in my poem ... The Law of Attraction in Verse. I learnt my lessons through asking questions in my mind to the me as MasterMind ( the knowledge that does exist in all of us ... but it needs a certain capacity to be able to bring it out as it were from out of the bowels of the earth ... I fought in mind and demanded obedience to me ... I made spirit bend on one knee ... but they wanted to touch my feet ... for I hold the capacity to take the world forward in one large sweep. My MasterMind is powerful for it hides nothing ... health .. wealth and happiness are what you must own sine die ... not one or the other ... but all.

The last time someone tried to do that ... change the world ... Jesus ... mankind killed him in so many ways.  I swore that nobody was ever going to touch a hair on my head leave alone try to harm me. And why would they .. the world has moved out of the barbarian model and is certainly more refined in its present state.  I made my choices before I began my work ... for I understand the inner workings of the mind more than any other person existing.  I shall change the rules of the game of life ... anyone wanting to do any harm will end up destroying themselves and themselves alone and the good shall forever be spared from anything bad.  More goodness shall exist in the world for I am part of the tipping point that has been working relentlessly at this task for the last so many years. Many do this work ... they are called beings of light ... those who have come face to face with their light ... for it brings them untold glory ... and all must do so too ... to banish the demons from out of mind.

I am no longer the person I thought I was .... after seeing all the rot in the world .... I set myself the task of correcting all the wrongs. I have stopped praying .. and begun the task of doing ... stepping out of self to help the world .... if my higher self exists in me ... and I must make my own choice to be good .. if my hard work alone brings me rewards .. then that is the truth for the world ... then I need pray to no one .. for I must be the change I want to be through all the inspiration I kept in mind from my days in prayer. 

We are the life ... energy is heat .. the heat required to metabolise everything from one state to another for our food .. just as is energy. All of them are but stories to explain life ... but never lose track of the most important lesson of all .. you have the power within you to change things through your thoughts.  You are as much a god as any other human living on this earth and stupid thoughts of climate change can actually cause a climate change so be aware and think right. Thinking of an illness can cause the illness in you .. so be aware and think right. BUY MasterMind ... I have locked up your goodness in it ... nobody can take it away from you when you decide to own a copy of it.

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