On a recent holiday to Paris ... I saw what gourmet food is all about. On the top of the list are macarons.  On the Champs Elyees is the gourmet lafayette outlet where the prices of food is 
exhorbitant even by french standards where a small tiny macaron costs a bomb. And if you are unlucky enough to have chosen an assorted selection .. your woes might be multiplied for not all flavours carry any authentic visibly tasty flavouring. But when you want to taste something you you want .. you buckle down to buying it.

But the best brand on macarons is Laduree.  So at the Paris airport it was my last chance at a final go at the macarons.  I found another brand retailing there but it too was expensive so I told the lady at the counter so. She said yes that this is true but others are more expensive. So the decision swung back to Laduree and we bought a teeny tiny box of them.  When we opened the box back at home ... we found that they had packed one piece less !! Six instead of the 7 paid for.  Imagine that ...  such a big brand ... resorting to such a trickery. My goodness would have me believe that this is just not possible .. that when one takes money from another .. they are duty bound to give you your money's worth. The fair value ... but that was not our experience. So what did I think of this experience ... a letting down of trust.  When 6 macarons cost Rs.2500/- it makes a difference when you are short changed by one. A terrible eye opener which somehow took away the free joy of enjoying them.

But I must say that there was not a single other moment when something like this happened to us and I stayed there for 8 days.  The people were so friendly / helpful. 

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