Analyse through yourself .. that is if you can. For the life of me I couldn't until I studied the wisdom of the ages and authored my own book. Then I studied the words of my own book for a full year before its wisdom started opening upto me effortlessly into my mind.  This is a system created in order to work for every single mid without interference.  Accept it or leave .. it depends which path you wish to follow in life ... the one of intelligence or the one of ignorance. IGNORANCE OF THE WAY OF GOD. 

So who is god ...  any mind that decides to own the Master"s one. So who is the Master ... the one who can make all energy bend to their own will through themselves. Take butter .. I say it is good for me because every cell in my body contains a molecule of fat.   Want to rewrite you own cells in the format not of the creator but the devil ?   by all means do so .. but remember the price that must be paid for doing so.  Bloated bodies are very visible in this world.  It is the price for ignorance of God's ways.  I am a MasterMind ... I create my body through my own thoughts and I have seen myself go wrong and then be able to rectify myself.  Tush .. tush ... can you do that to your own tush ... 

I am hungry at 12 and want to snack on a mini breakfast once again.  Keeps me happy and joyful for food is energy ... sugar makes me happiest and keeps me sweet tempered. 

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