FULL CREAM MILK (before you nod your head and say full cream milk for me.....listen to what I have to say. I too drink only skimmed milk, but skimmed by myself and so simply).

Of course this would only work in a household that uses a decent amount of milk every day.

Boil your milk and when it reaches boiling point....keep it for at least 5 minutes on a low flame. Cool and refrigerate. Please do not use this milk today. Rather keep it in the fridge till the next morning by which time you will have a really thick layer of cream which you skim off the milk and store in a bowl in the fridge. Now you simply use the milk. Keep collecting the creamy layer for
3/4 days or till you have a full bowl.
If you have a microwave pour the cream into a deep bowl and
microwave on low till you see the fat separate from the milk solids which might turn brown. Do not allow it to burn. Strain the butter into a bottle and store in the refrigerator to use when you want.

Meanwhile in the left over milk solids pour two glasses of water and microwave again for a minute or two. Allow to cool till you can touch it without burning your hands and strain. Keep the water/fat mixture in the fridge and use it bind your chappati dough or for making bread.

Once you get the hang of it you will realise that you do not need to purchase commercially made clarified butter.

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