Herbs and spices pack enough antioxidant power to help protect your health. So use them generously in your cooking.
This is at the top of the pile...........and we indians have been using it since time immemorial in our day to day cooking. Its importance can be guesstimated as America recently tried to patent turmeric. For once the indian govt woke up in time to protest and even won the battle royal.
Turmeric contains large amounts of a compound called curcumin...a potent antioxidant for preventing stomach and colon cancers.
I grow it in my home garden and when I had a bad attack of a cough last week.....I would pound a piece and boil a cup of milk in it. Its effect was tremendous, but this a home remedy. You can also add a teaspoon of turmeric powder and 1/2 tspoon of salt in warm water and gargle with it. Its very very soothing.
Mint has an anti-cancer antioxidant called limonene in it. It is also helpful in calming stomach upsets. But why wait to use it only when you are not well. Simply add it in your daily diet. My daily cup of tea is infused with lemon grass and mint.
Mint can be used to make a fresh chutney, raita. Parsees use it in cooking their dals......dhansak dal, chana dal, kala masoor dal, etc etc.
A plain salad of 1 cucumber, 1 tomato and 1 onion with chopped mint, coriander and a green chilli can be eaten daily (as in my home)with whatever your lunch is.
Now this is one leaf which I eat in huge, I mean huge quantities.
I can put it in practically everything......especially the eggs at breakfast. The flavours marry very well.
It is rich in coriandrol, which protects your DNA in healthy cells from attack by aflatoxins which are potent natural carcinogens found in mouldy bread, peanuts and other food.
Contains capsaicin, a fiery oil that increases blood circulation and acts as a decongestant by opening up the airways and helping to drain the sinus area.
I love pepper and when I eat a fried egg there is so much pepper on it , you just cant see the egg.
Now this is one herb that is amazingly delicious. Chop it up and add it to you pizza sauce OR simply chop it and use on top of a pasta dish.
This herb also stimulates your body to produce more disease fighting antibodies.
This spice has at least a dozen antioxidants including thymol and carvacrol which have been found effective in fighting bacteria such as E coli. salmonella and staphylococcus.
Rosemary has about a dozen free-radical-zapping compounds which help the body to rid itself of potentially harmful substances.
I use rosemary in my bread and also while making pasta dishes. As it is a strong herb you have to acquire a taste for it.

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