6 chicken breasts deboned and cubed (about 12 pcs from each side)

500 gms yoghurt (hung)

2 tablespoons ginger garlic paste

1 teaspoon each pepper/red chilli/garam masala/nutmeg & cardamom/cumin

salt to taste

1/2 cup oil

Wash the chicken and keep tp drain in a colander. Make a homogenous paste of all the other ingredients and add to the chicken. Marinate for a few hours or until required.

When needed either grill in an oven or place in a non-stick pan and cook.

If required with a little gravy it should cook in about 10/15 minutes. For a drier finish cook a little longer........but not too long as it will then dry out the chicken.......... and you will not have a melt in the mouth , which is how I make mine.

It is important to understand that all meats have their own water content ......and if you cook meat just enough for it to retain its water will have a melt in the mouth finish.

On the other hand extra cooking dries out the meat and it then has a tough chew.

This can also be served at a party as there is not much cooking time plus the dish is versatile enough to be served either with rice, chappatis, parathas, etc.

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