How does one define it ? How can one compartmentalise people as successful ? I have often had people tell me "oh its very easy for you to do most things well". To those people I have only one answer - never judge a book by its cover. What you see now and call success - has actually taken that person practically all his/her life of struggling to master things, failing and still trying. Its a feeling in you that pushes you to try beyond the capacity of most people to do backbreaking hard work...........then and only then do you taste success. And if you then sit on your past laurels that is the end of've always got to keep trying to better and better yourself. Your future benchmark is always to better your last effort. I have always only tried to better myself...never compared myself with others and found myself lacking. I have always thought that it is important to see the good around me and maybe try to emulate it to better myself. After all we have been given this one life in which to do as much good as we can.
You might well ask....hey Roda... are you not deviating from the subject of your blog. You started with a recipe blog. And my answer would be "yes I did....but the beauty of a blog is that you pen your thoughts, your ideas; and so if today all I want to want to talk of is success....that's my wish !!! Besides cooking isn't easy.......there is a lot of hard work in trying to understand the science of food, etc etc before you see success in cooking too.
So that's my message for today......whatever you do....if you wish to be successful at it hard, go the whole hog.....there are no shortcuts to success.

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  1. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Sounds very much like mom's lecture to children. you not only make good cook but good teacher too