A "club" sandwich - if made correctly - is a complete meal.......and a really healthy one too. A lot depends on the ingredients you put into your my home its a lot of raw food along with all the tasty bites !! The only problem is they are very difficult to hold and you have to really cradle them in the 2 palms of your hand.
sliced bread....either whole wheat otherwise white
finely sliced onions, capsicums, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese
lightly cooked fried eggs
(for non-vegetarians....either chicken salami or freshly cooked shredded chicken, or other meat of choice.Smoked meats improve the taste)
freshly made mustard
smother all the cut vegetables in pepper powder.
butter / mayonnaise
Toast 2 slices of bread at a time ....butter one and apply mustard on the second. This is to control your fat intake and make the sandwiches lighter to digest....and the best part is since the veges contain moisture you will not even miss it. Put a generous helping of everything in your sandwich and eat up. For people with a generous appetite two would be enough for dinner.

The trick is to make and cannot store these sandwiches....they would get soggy.

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