For those of you who do not know what a dosa is.....it is a fermented pancake. I am specially giving this version to those of you who are interested to add fibre to what they eat.........as there are so many versions and every family thinks that their proportions are the best.....i.e. the ratio of rice to pulse. I think mine is pretty good as its healthy to boot !!!!

1/2 cup rice (with the husk on it is red in colour ...the grain inside is white)
1/2 cup white rice
3/4 cup split black urad dal (when whole would resemble whole moong)
1 tablespoon cooked rice
1 few seeds of fenugreek soaked with the urad dal

Wash the rice and lentil separately and soak overnight. In the morning grind separately adding the cooked rice to the soaked rice during grinding. Mix together and add salt. Cover and leave in a warm place......inside the microwave cavity, etc.
for a few hours. It is ready to use when double in quantity. The cooked rice acts like a starter and the end result is a very light batter.
You will need a flat griddle to cook these on. Before heating the griddle cut an onion in half and dip in oil, then rub the entire surface with the onion. Warm the griddle. Take it off the fire and add a few drops of water. This will make the oil splutter but it is necessary to getting a thin even pancake. Spoon 2 dollops of the batter and swirl from side to side. Place it back on the fire and cover for a few minutes. Keep shifting the griddle on the fire till all the sides are well cooked . Add a few drops of melted butter and fold and serve right away. A mint and coriander chutney would make a fine accompaniment.
It is normally served with a chutney, some cooked potato and a soupy lentil.

A dosa normally is white in colour and a golden colour when cooked....but that is because of the high percentage of rice that is used.
The dosa made from the above batter will be a light brown in colour and will be so soft and light.......a real pleasure to eat.

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