Parsees will know that vaal ni dar(called averakai in Bangalore) when harvested fresh (winter months) is sprouted and cooked as titori. In Mumbai it is sold at street corners and railway stations and needs to be simply washed and cooked.

1 seer titoli
2 tsp oil/ghee
1 coconut
copriander leaves                                    
tamarind and jaggery
3 onions
1 pc ginger
5/6 pieces garlic
1 tsp turmeric 
1 tsp coriander (dhanajeeru) powder
1 tsp cumin powder
3/4 red chillies

Using half a coconut extract the milk and keep aside. 
With the other half grind ginger, garlic, cumin and the chillies. From the tamarind make a thick paste of at least 2 tablespoons quantity. Add the jaggery to it and keep aside.This gives the dish its sweet and sour taste.

Slice the onions and fry. Add the ground paste and fry. Next add 2 cups of water and allow to come to a boil. Add the titoli and cover and cook on a low flame. Whent he water dries up add the coconut milk and continue cooking. Do not cook for too long as the dal will disintegrate. Pour the tamarind and jaggery and mix. Sprinkle chopped coriander leaves and serve. You need to taste it to know how delicious it is.

 I had bought a batch of averakai and forgot to use it .. and they became infested by insects even though they were stored in Tupperware .... so I threw the seeds into an unused patch in my garden and they just grew and grew. When these seeds are plucked fresh they are delicate and flavourful. So I asked my gardener to separate the little plants and they now occupy an entire stretch of wall .. giving me the sweetest and tender seeds for cooking. I collected many harvests recently so find the pics here. Do you know that a whole seed contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary to start the growth of a new plant. It carries its life inside itself. Sunlight and water are the catalysts to set that in motion.  Of course you knew that .. but did you ponder on it while selecting your food. It will help you enjoy it better and be grateful for it. What a lot of variety God created for you to enjoy.
 The flowers are also a pretty white and look like snapdragons.

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