We indians are not able to appreciate very bland food so I have learnt that in order to really get the best of continental, mediterranean, italian or for that matter any other to adapt it a little to our taste other words to spike it just a little bit........AND VOILA....LIKE A RABBIT APPEARING OUT OF A MAGICIAN'S have created  food magic.

2 breasts from 1 chicken, cut into cubes (with bones)
1 packet fresh basil, roughly chopped 
1/2 cup walnuts
1 pod garlic
olive oil
salt/pepper to taste
a little paprika/chilli flakes

My reasoning for not removing the bones is simply healthy eating. When bones are added to meat during cooking you gain as they release their nutrients into the gravy of whatever you are cooking. When using boneless meat....think....if I am not serving this to guests should I not be using meat with a little bone on it. After all stocks and soups....which are good for you....are made from bones!!!!

You need a small grinder for a coffee grinder jar of your mixie. Take the garlic, basil, and walnuts and run it for a minute. Add the olive oil and run for another minute. Take a flat glass baking dish and taking a little bit of oil on your fingers smear it on the dish. Rub the salt and pepper and chilli flakes on the pieces of chicken and then add the pesto to the chicken.  Place in the glass dish and bake till done. Serve with steamed, baked , vegetables of your choice. 
When I made it this is what I made on the side.

Baby potatoes and baby carrots cleaned and rubbed with a wee bit of crushed garlic , salt and pepper. Add rosemary and bake.
Baby zucchini cut into thin strips lengthwise and sauted for a minute in a nono-stick pan with a little olive oil, crushed garlic and salt.

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