I make this chutney every year from the mangoes on my trees.....and share it will all who
come my way the whole year. I now share this recipe with my readers on Rodas-recipes.

1 kg green mangoes
700 gms sugar
200 gms jaggery
chilli powder as hot as you want it
1/2 bottle white vinegar
salt to taste

As with all bottling...........the quality of the raw ingredients always matters the most. Really good quality green mangoes just about turning a mild yellow work they are then firm but not too green and they have the heady aroma of a good quality fruit. In any thing I make and do the one thing I always focus on..... is quality .......of all ingredients used.......and by that I mean freshness.
If you use a tupperware vegetable peeler......peeling the toughest vegetable is a piece of they use surgical steel, so just peel away the mangoes and grate.
(If by chance the mangoes you are using are very acid........they can be improved upon.........simply add a little water to the grated mango and squeeze. If you do this.....then you need to dry the mango in a little sun for about 2 hours.)
Meanwhile in a big pan pour the vinegar sugar and jaggery. Boil this till it is slightly thick. Add the grated mango salt, chilli powder. Stir till reasonably dry. Cool and bottle.

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