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I make my own paneer variously called cottage cheese for breakfast at home. I'll quickly run through how to make it though I'm pretty sure it may well be elsewhere on this site. Using either fresh whole milk or skimmed (I prefer whole milk as it gives a better texture) and a tub of curd you can instantly make fresh cheese. Just allow the milk to boil and then add a teaspoon of salt. Beat the tub of curd and add to the milk on the fire. Stir gently till you see the cheese begin to separate from the whey. Now stop stirring and lower the flame to simmer. You will notice the cheese forming larger lumps at which stage strain the cheese through a large seive/strainer. Place the strainer on a dish to catch the dripping whey and leave aside. Meanwhile thinly slice a ripe avocado. Add some cheddar cheese, an onion chopped fine, some chopped coriander leaves , a green chilli and salt and pepper.Slice the cottage cheese and mix all the ingredients together. Pile on toasted and buttered slices of bread and enjoy. You can also roll up this mixture in a thin chapati and eat it as a roll. Tastes equally nice both ways.

I forgot to add that yoghurt or curd is a living food capable of cleaning your gut (intestines) naturally.It is also one of the 12 superfoods of this world. For learning the other 11 check the relevant article on my site.

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