I had made a big batch of chicken and vegetable stock for making a nice risotto and stored it in the freezer and a couple of weeks went by and the perfect time for making it kept getting put off. My daughter kept asking me when I planned to make it for she wanted to be around to eat it and so this Sunday afternoon I decided to just go ahead and make it. Even my hubby who had gone to attend a weekend seminar and was not going to be around returned early to lunch at home.
So let me begin with the ingredients ...1/2 a large head of brocolli cut into tiny tiny florets, 1/2 a packet of mushrooms sliced finely, a small cup of fresh peas, about 4 large frozen pork sausages chopped into cubes, just a little bit of fatless bacon cut fine, 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil, 2 cups of regular rice (I did not have arborio so I just used what I had at home, washed and kept soaking, about 2 litres of chicken soup which I kept on simmer and ofcourse the white wine .. (just a little less than 1/2 a bottle) and some grated parmesan cheese which has the most lovely strong flavour and a little goes a long way. We had some left over from the pizzas from last night and so there I was ready to cook the most heady risotto ever. As I added the olive oil my daughter came down from her room to have a bite for breakfast (it is about 12.30 now) she sees the risotto about to be started and skips the breakfast to tuck in a good lunch. Ten minutes later my son comes down wanting to eat something as he was very hungry and on seeing me cooking .. decides to help me to get it going faster. 
So warm the oil and add the brocolli, sausages, bacon, some salt, some dry oregano and a little bit of paprika for we like a little spice in our food. Then add the rice ...I chose a small burner and kept the flame the same from start to finish. Roast the rice a bit in the oil and then add the wine. When the wine dries up start adding the stock which is hot as it is on a flame too. I added all the stock in 3 portions and when the last portion was almost absorbed I added the grated parmesan.. gave it a swirl and closed the lid for the first time. We quickly set the table and within 10 minutes licked the platter clean.

It was that delicious .. subtle and flavourful. It truly was the perfect sunday lunch and ready within a half hour. I must add that before I start anything I always say this in my mind ... God with your help I am going to make this the bestest ever ... and it comes to pass. You can seek perfection in the little things of life which when added up make a perfect day .... add up perfect days ... and you get a perfect life. 

Now go get my MasterMind

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