It became  possible for me  to take important ancient knowledge of the Universe and bring it back into contemporary society through my  book.
Books contain certain knowledge of what worked for people in the past. I have done some research on the Law of Attraction and found it has existed as long as humans have. Its now time to allow it to work for you.
Books, therefore, create an expansion of creativity, a curiosity for learning as the way to the future is guided through the past. That books contain secrets was common knowledge earlier and the people who had those secrets zealously guarded them from others. These secrets needed to be written down to ensure that they would be available for future generations. Every once in a while a newer and more contemporary version of these secrets gets created for us to take inspiration from and that is what I was inspired to do with MasterMind.
I would go so far as to say that even if you never went to school but studied the Law of Attraction through my MasterMind … you would be able to earn a lot of money. This knowledge has that potential.
Money makes the world go around and the knowledge of gathering money 100% …  is something that should be sought out.  Even today with so many millions in this world this knowledge is understood by only a teeny tiny  percentage of people ….about 2 or 3% …  that’s the number of rich people in this world ….. and the clear thinking is that the only truths that are really important are that which are not immediately apparent. So true knowledge is secret knowledge and the only way to get secret knowledge is by a revelation (i.e. somebody takes it upon themselves to share it with you). So there’s this whole tradition that goes back in time to books of secrets that explain knowledge of the Universe, the secret connections within the Universe and then the way to learn and understand it and then work with it. My MasterMind to put it plainly is a book on revelations which will give you your success when you start to use it.
So you can sum it up by saying that books of secrets …like my MasterMind … are a technical manual for learning how to use the powers of the Universe for your benefit.
Two years ago I had not even heard of the Law of Attraction but it spoke to me in my heart and told me … go with this Roda … there is more to this than is visible on the surface  …and I simply understood it right away .. so much so I authored a truly simple book on the Law of Attraction leaving out so many things that had no relevance for our time. MasterMind is good for another 100 years …its contemporary and easy reading … even children will be able to read it with understanding and it is a book on success. It holds its own place firmly in the history of books on success.
We are capable of awakening our inner voice to guiding us correctly for our lives and MasterMind teaches you how to do that easily.

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