I have two mango trees in my backyard and one of them gives me the most beautiful king-sized blemish free mangoes. These mangoes are good for making chutneys and pickles. The whole of last week I bottled an endless quantity of oil based pickles and they look delicious. Today was the first day I was bottling chutneys and as I too think in pictures ...I thought and decided how I wanted to cut the pieces, what flavour I wanted them to be etc etc. This for me is the easy part .... I never need to weigh my ingredients I just go with what I think I will like. So there was me mixing vinegar and sugar and chilli powder with effortless ease. Now I have not bothered to buy a sugar thermometer as my earlier cook was an expert as judging the setting point of the chutney .. something I am not good at simply because I had not practiced this part enough ... so there was me in a right ready quandary ... when would the chutney be just right .. is the question I kept asking myself.

So I kept asking God ... God is this batch ready now .... and angels would reply .....whenever you decide . Now this was simply too difficult a situation for me to handle and I kept pleading with God ... please tell me as I really don't know and I waited and kept stirring and suddenly God said now it is ready... and I dutifully put the stove off .... but to prevent this happening to me again ... I checked the thread consistency to learn what God thought was the best. Whew .... that was a tricky moment for me but I sailed through because of my MasterMind. And don't underestimate the importance of the information I received for it was a huge huge batch and if it had not been right a lot of bottles would have had to be thrown away.

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