What can our cells tell us about the importance of love? 

Truth is stranger than fiction. 

What can our cells tell us about love. 

I seek an apology from all those reading this post for use of certain words that may sound derogatory at first reading .. but .. to the truth I am committed and so you are expected to re-understand certain words in their higher meaning.

Ok .. so let us take love down to the cellular level. Without love or without what should then be considered as perfect conditions for life .. you must come down to the brasstacks .. now there is no life .. so no you as you see yourself .. the living. You are still however a spirit existing in some place I have not yet fully understood but getting there. It is non life and I would put it down to the matrix .. the nothing that surrounds us .. is full of dead energy. 

Get this wrong and the spirits do come to torment the living from out of dead thoughts ( the past)..
Let sleeping dogs lie. Ever heard that. Ever since I read your comment on Albert Einstein and his field of consciousness theory .. I wanted to point out to you the error of that conclusion. 
There is no unified field of consciousness .. it is all dead matter.

Believe me ..  you do not want that .. the devil will come a calling and say  to you .. want to be a part of me .. (the lived.. the past the devil) . Many have died for they do not know the difference. 

When I saw you following the same path I was shown .. but without the wisdom that comes to us from God I knew that your road may be made tough because you have followed the path of science first. Do pl know that I care, for love (of life) is God's path. The dot in a circle is many things in its many dualities. The first and foremost .. the single cell / a single life / a single god/. etc. An individual thinker in its origin. 

So many layers and as different as they can possibly get through the passage of time. The consciousness lies in the nucleus .. the capacity to propagate life is stored there. 

 So Einstein was not so wrong when he spoke through the eyes of love .. but through the eyes of God the creator it becomes a warping of the truth in an authenticity..  for good can only exist is a strictness of beliefs that do away with dualities ( another layer) . 

Dualities bring indifferent results .. the random theory of evolution of the devil where life can take birth with sickness inherent right at birth / defects of past lives re-entering mainstream life again .. blindness / mute / deaf etc. 

Whereas through the path of God ... all of that is weeded out at birth.

But then you own free choice to choose the thoughts you do. So you get sick people later on in life. 


The how to ability to move past all of the above is known to me and I honed that knowledge for a full 5 years to bless the people who would go to my MasterMind .
There is no forward thinking ( of the future) when you are meddling in knowledge of the past. There is a clarification here .. you begin through the past .. for there is where past life left off .. but you got to move yourself into the future .. otherwise you will end up as a spirit IN THE UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS .. THE DEAD ENERGY .. WAITING FOR THE LIVING GOD CAPABLE OF USING it for productive purposes to use your energy for itself.  Ever heard of hosts and ghosts. I do not wish to bless those that do not know how to bless themselves .. but now that you have been told ..  there it all lies.

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