Making a batch of home made cookies will instantly fill your home with their wonderful aroma. They could be the really simple one like refrigerator cookies but they will still be a thousand times better as they will have '' NO LEAVENING AGENTS, NO CLASS II PRESERVATIVES, NO VEGETABLE SHORTENING, NO PEERMITTED COLOURS, NO ADDITIVES'' the list of things you don't need in a cookie and what you get when you buy them commercially, is endless. But then they have to do what they have to do. If you have the time bake a batch and you will realise that it it is pretty simple........even the complicated ones come out reasonably well.
Like cakes, cookies can be made in many ways, for example the all-in-one method, the creaming method, rolling and cutting, piping ,etc etc.
Refrigerator cookies or freezer biscuits are one and the same. You freezethe dough and then slice it and bake. The dough can remain in the fridge for a few days and a longer time in the freezer. You need not use up all the dough at a time and can bake them in batches. If your dough is a rich one can slice the biscuits really thin and bake them crisp. Many flavourings can be added like finely grated lemon rind or orange rind, finely chopped nuts, dried fruits, dessicated coconut or cocoa powder for a chocolatey taste. Even ground spices are good flavourings.

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