Living bacteria in protein-rich yoghurt gives this fermented dairy product more and more potent immunity enhancing substances than any other foods. If you check out my list of 12 super foods that you simply cannot leave out of your diet......yoghurt is right there.
When you consider the plethora of food items available to us and scientists shortlisting on 12 .......that must count for something.
But make sure that you eat "living" yoghurt and not something that has been sitting on a shelf for too long.
Take fresh milk (full cream) and skim it by removing its cream. Boil it and cool it (not completely). Take a glass dish and put in a glass of water. Microwave for a minute and throw away the water. This heats and cleans the dish. Put in a tablespoon of yoghurt and beat it a little. Add the milk to it and cover and leave in a dark place to set.
I do not like sour curd so I simply add a teaspoon of sugar to my milk while boiling.
If you are in a hurry put the glass dish back in the microwave and run the microwave for half a minute and leave the yoghurt there to set. You will have perfectly set yoghurt in a few hours.

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