Low fat dairy products and eggs are packed with nourishing minerals, vitamins and protein and may help provide protection against osteoporosis, headaches and insomnia. They also boost the immune system. Dairy products have :
PROBIOTICS- these are beneficial bacteria found only in 'active-culture' yogurts.
They help to prevent and manage yeast infections and also improve the immune system. YOGHURT IS CONSIDERED TO BE IN THE LIST OF THE 12 MOST IMP FOODS THAT WE NEED TO HAVE IN ORDER TO BE NATURALLY HEALTHY.
CALCIUM - Calcium is a bone preserving mineral - vital for all at all stages of life.
Osteoporosis is the result of an inadequate intake of calcium...and can lead to fractures and spinal deformities.
LYSINE - An amino-acid found in milk, cheese and eggs helps to reduce the severity of cold sores.
PHOSPHORUS - builds muscle and is important for metabolic activity. Also needed to form bones and teeth.
POTASSIUM - An important mineral for reducing blood pressure and a risk for stroke.
RIBOFLAVIN- A B-Vitamin. Maintains healthy red blood cells,creats hormones and may help prevent migraines. Also required to release energy.
TRYPTOPHAN - An amino-acid in milk and other dairy foods gets converted to serotonin - which promotes a relaxed mood. That is why drinking a glass of warm milk at night helps prevent insomnia. Eating foods rich in complex carbs (pasta,rice,beans,etc) helps in the proper absorption of tryptophan.
VITAMIN B - 12 - Essential for red blood cell formation and neurological functions. It is found both in dairy products and eggs.
VITAMIN D - Egg yolks are one of the few natural sources of this vitamin. Milk is sometimes fortified with Vitamin D.

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