Unprocessed food falls into the nude food category. Regularly consuming less processed food cannot be emphasized enough because processing often means that most of the nutrients/beneficial components of food are either lost or reduced. 

Processing may sometimes also mean the addition of unhealthy ingredients used to dress up healthy food. These ingredients are never beneficial to your health and sometimes downright harmful like trans fats. Make nude foods your choice for good health.

Salt is one example of an ingredient that most consume in amounts that with age lead to high blood pressure and an increased risk of cardiovascular problems. Table salt or sodium chloride intake should be reduced significantly but it is not achievable by simply throwing away the salt shaker. Most of the sodium you eat is added to processed foods during manufacturing and most times you will not even guess its presence in your food.It is in your bread, butter, cheese and most breakfast cereals and so contributes additionally to your daily sodium intake. Commercial soup mixes, soya sauce are guilty of containing more salt than sea water.

Enjoying small quantities of processed food cannot do you much harm, but ideally, most of your dietary intake should come from foods that have undergone a minimum of processing such as fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds,wholegrain cereal foods, legumes, fresh lean meat, fish, poultry and eggs.Why.....because they have the power of healing, treating and preventing a wide range of illnesses. The idea of using food as a "cure" is not a new one. Hippocrates,who lived a good 2000 year ago introduced the idea that your lifestyle affects your health and coined the phrase 'LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE AND MEDICINE BE THY FOOD'. 

So why is it that modern man is more inclined to choose drugs over everyday foods to treat his health problems ?

I hope this article opens up your mind to understanding the medicinal value of food which is very ably supported by the latest in scientific research and knowledge.

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