using up the leftovers in my veg tray

1 small avocado
1 packet italian basil
1 clove garlic
extra virgin olive oil
1 red and 1 yellow pepper diced fine
1/2 teaspoon paprika
salt to taste
1 packet fresh cream
lots of cheese ... I put red cheddar / white cheddar /parmigiano reggiano

Boil a packet of italian spaghetti. Keep aside. Pulse the avocado, garlic, basil and olive oil in a mixie. To this add the paprika, salt, cream and cheese and the diced peppers. I normally add a bit of white wine to pasta but I did not have any at home today so I added a wee bit of soup which I had handy. Without the wine or the soup it tends to be a bit more dry than I like my pasta to be. Heat through to fold the pesto into the pasta. Just one of those meals when I went totally veg. 
The only reason I posted this is because it tasted great and can be put together in minutes.

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